What Types of Translation Are There?

que tipos de traducciones existen y se hacen en Blarlo
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The importance of an excellent translation is increasing exponentially, along with the existing types of translations. More and more people are deciding to hire the translation services of a specialized translation agency. The level of demand is higher and excellence has become non-negotiable. Therefore, the more information you have, the better it will be for you when the time comes to make a decision.

Basic Types of Translations

It is very different to translate an industrial technical report than a piece of advertising or a set of poems. Although the level of language mastery must be very high in all cases, the sensitivity, experience, knowledge, and suitability of the translator will greatly determine the final quality of the end result. Would you like to know what the general translation options are?


This type of work focuses on the translation of books, poems, plays, and other published works, and entails a high level of difficulty, because it’s not enough to transcribe word for word what the author is expressing in their language. It’s necessary to respect their style, the use of word play or humor, words that may have more than one meaning, the pace, and all those nuances that make the text an artistic work.


Videos reign on social media, which has provided an additional boost to the demand for these types of translations which, until now, were mainly requested by the film and television industries. They may take the form of subtitles or dubbing performed by specialists.


This is a very broad and often complex field, because it often requires a high degree of knowledge of the subject matter that is being covered. It’s used in product manuals, specification sheets, process or procedure descriptions, assembly instructions, etc.


Although many consider it a branch of the previous one, this type of translation has its own range. This is translation work that is carried out in conferences, academic papers, thesis, articles, presentations, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical leaflets among other possibilities.


It focuses on the translation of economic content, from banking and tax reports, to corporate dossiers and plans, to contracts, balance sheets, annual financial statements, and any type of document in which the fine print is as important as the big one.


These are translations that must be presented before a court of law, which is why they are done in a variety of ways, both in terms of format and content. They include the translation of statements and interrogations, decisions, legal reports, expert witness contributions, legal records, and more.


This applies to legal documents that reference some sort of law. They therefore require a high degree of linguistic and legal training, as the professional will translate regulations, decrees, contracts, and other similar texts.


Also known as a sworn translation, it is carried out by translators who act as legal experts, whose signatures grant this type of official translations.authenticity and complete validity. These professionals have been validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Commercial or marketing

Advertising texts, web pages, corporate literature, brochures, company manuals, and all types of business communication fall into this category.

And now that you know the types of translation that are available, you can hire a translation company that suits your needs!

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