International Translation Day 2017: history and activities

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We are celebrating because the 30th September, International Translation Day, is now very near.

On this occasion, this article is dedicated to all our collaborators that are the bridge between languages and cultures, and who work with us every day to achieve that.

This celebration has no other purpose than that of acknowledging the invisible task of translators, in the shade but so necessary to achieve understanding among countries that, although being neighbors, speak languages that are so different that, without knowing them, they are very difficult to understand.

Why on 30th September?

The celebration takes place each year on 30th September since it was created in 1953 by the IFT (International Federation of Translators) in order to give homage to the theologian and linguist Jerom of Stridon (340-420 AD), Bible translator and patron of translators, by commemorating his death. Saint Jerome took 27 years to translate the Bible (Old and New Testament) from Greek and Hebrew to Vulgar Latin (Vulgata Latina),common language of the Roman Empire, commissioned by Pope Damasus and together with three assistants. The task was so arduous that he nearly abandoned it on several occasions due to fatigue, burden, lack of resources, and persecution by Roman authorities. Therefore, he became an example for the translating community.

On 24th May 2017, the United Nations Organization declared  30th September as the International Translation Day:

Also welcoming the cooperation of the General Secretary with
the network of universities that have signed memorandums of understanding with the
United Nations about the training of the applicants to tenders for
linguists and recognizing the role of this cooperation for attracting
talent to the language services of the United Nations,

  1. Declares that the role of professional translation, as a skill and as
    art, is important to defend the purposes and principles of the United Nations
    Charter, bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and
    cooperation, contributing to development and strengthening worldwide peace and security;
  2. Decides to declare 30th September as International Translation Day.


This year different activities have been organized to commemorate this day, below, we recompile some of these so the information is available for you:







  • Ashfield (Polish Club), 30th September 2017 at 5:00 pm.


If any initiative is missing, feel free to contact us and share it so we add it to the list!

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