Archive of month: January 2018

Speaking more than one language helps prevent Alzheimer’s

The power of words goes far beyond the emotions and memories they convey, they are a shield for the brain. People who speak several languages show greater concentration and use their brain more efficiently.   Learning a new language helps to prevent Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is an incurable neurodegenerative disease that is usually diagnosed in people […]...
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Do translators need a portfolio?

In the digital world, it is common to have a portfolio in which a professional can show some examples of his work. It is something very common among graphic designers, photographers and artists in general. With a portfolio, it is possible to create a small gallery where all potential clients see different samples of this […]...
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Why translators and copywriters are going back to the village

In recent years, there has been a significant trend of returning to the countryside. Technology and telecommuting have helped the increase of freelance workers who go off to the villages to be even higher. Among these workers, translators and copywriters stand out. Also on the rise are entrepreneurs who have decided to opt for online […]...
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